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The Winecup Gamble Ranch is steeped in history and considered one of the west’s historic grand ranches. The ranch is currently only a part of the once famous ranch owned by the Utah Construction Company under the UC brand that ran for nearly three million acres until the 1940’s.


Today the ranch remains one of the largest working operations in the country and encompasses approximately 997,000 acres or, as we call it, a million acres all under the legendary Winecup brand.

Located in the very northeast part of Nevada nestled closely to Idaho to the north and east to the Utah border, the ranch represents some of the last of the old west in a modern day frontier.

Over the years, the ranch has undergone many changes from large scale sheep operations, rounding up and selling wild horses as well as the introduction of fences, mechanical water works and agricultural operations. Today, the ranch is solely focused on being a quality beef operation and reaching back to the quality principles and ethics that were standards generations ago.

In 1910 it took over 239 people to operate the ranch. Today with modern machinery and horse trailers, we can do much more than we could in the past with far less help but due to the severity of our terrain and the remoteness of our location, the horse is still the main mode of transportation in working our cattle, checking pastures, fences and other duties.

Both the infamous California Trail and Emigrant Trail that hundreds of thousands of settlers used in the 1800’s cut across the ranch and have left their marks in history and the remnants of the trails can still be observed today due to preservation efforts.


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